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Official Magic Strong Trailer

Magic Strong is a book series written by Stephanie Perry Moore and illustrated by Anthony Ketu Ikediuba. Magic Strong is a third grader who likes to learn about new subjects. In these wonderfully illustrated stories, he and his buddies, twins Rex and Reva, love coming to Mr. Gray's class. This inspiring teacher takes them on magical journeys that help them understand subjects better. Now in partnership with SCETV, Magic Strong has been brought to life with the show “The Cool and The Strong”.

Reading Level: Gr. 3 • Interest Level: Gr. 2-6

Luca and Lucky Series Trailer

Go on fun and magical adventures with Luca, his dog Lucky, and Cousin Meicca. Each title explores friendship, Caribbean culture, and the wonders of imagination. Books feature Words to Know and After Reading Quiz. Downloadable Teacher's Notes.

Reading Level: Gr. 2 • Interest Level: Gr. 2-4