Animals · Pets


What is cute, fluffy, and adorable? A Labradoodle! Learn about this cross between a Labrador retriever and a poodle. Find out if this doodle dog is a match for you and your family. More →

Life Science


Do you wonder about all of Earth's living things? Do you know why snakes make venom and why polar bears have thick fur? In this book, learn about the different types of adaptations animals… More →

Civics · Social Studies


What does it mean to be a citizen? Who may become a citizen? Young Americans will find the answers in this early civics book that will help them understand how their country works. More →

Cars · Transportation

Concept Cars

Join the car mania! It's time to shift gears and zoom into the cutting-edge world of concept cars. Learn what a concept car is, why car companies make them, and how designers imagine and… More →


Dog Learns to Share

When farmer Nan sets up a cozy new bed for dog on the front porch. Duck wants a turn napping in it. But Dog doesn't want to share his new bed. Will dog discover a good reason to share? More →