Our Story

Our Name

The seahorse is a revered creature in many cultures across the world. The ancient Greeks called the seahorse by the name “hippocampus”. This is the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. These magical creatures remind us to go with the flow with their peaceful demeanor.

Our Mission

At Seahorse Publishing, we create books for children from an educator’s perspective. We believe that given the right materials, all children can find the pleasure of diving into a good book.

Our Goal

To produce engaging and educational fiction and nonfiction books for children that are valued by educators.

Our Leadership

Each one of the members of the leadership team that makes up Seahorse Publishing grew up in families of educators. Some have family members that are current educators. We bring over 50 years of experience in publishing and sales in the educational market. We understand how teachers use books in their classrooms. We understand how to engage and reach a variety of readers.